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Multi Seal - High Performance Tire Sealant

Superior Science. Superior Sealants.


Since 1981, MULTI SEAL® has manufactured high performance industrial tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks.


Using proprietary formulas and ingredients, MULTI SEAL® products are blended in the United States specifically for industrial segments.


MULTI SEAL® is the world leader for superior tire sealant technology.


PRO HD 2500


MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ Formula allows your tires to withstand the rigors of heavy, continuous use.


Your tires, drivers, and equipment are protected from job-stopping flats due to slow leaks around the rim as well as air loss through punctures – from pinholes to serious punctures (up to 3/4″ diameter in the tread area).

One treatment of MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ Formula will reduce flats by up to 95%, keeping you rolling safely, thereby saving you money and lost hours.


Easily installed, PRO HD 2500™ Formula lasts the life of the tire and is easily washed out at the end of the tire’s life.


Installed by tire service centers, retreaders, equipment sellers, or the do-it-yourselfer, PRO HD 2500™ Formula is your key to improved tire life and performance.

If your operation includes vehicles/equipment such as these, PRO HD 2500™ Formula is your choice:

  • Backhoes

  • Articulated Loaders

  • Road Graders

  • Agricultural Equipment – tractors, mowing machines, harvesters, haul trailers

  • Skid Loaders

  • Cranes

MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500™ is also ideally suited for on- and over-the-road vehicles including:

  • Tractor/trailer rigs (18 wheelers)

  • Sanitation Trucks

  • Heavy Farm Trucks

  • Concrete Trucks

  • Dump Trucks

  • Cargo Trailers

  • Any Over-the-Road Heavy Haulers 3/4 ton or heavier

Why Choose MULTI SEAL?



The name of the game is prevention. 


MULTI SEAL’s 21st century formula works inside your tires filling holes and punctures instantly.

Fewer leaks mean fewer flats and longer lasting tires. The result is less money spent on new tires, retreads and damaged wheels — and a higher ROI for your rolling stock.

Prevention also means keeping all tires properly inflated to avoid lower performance and decreased tire life.

MULTI SEAL® tire sealants combined with a regular tire maintenance program can result in a dramatic economic savings.


Serious about safety. Adding tire sealants to your safety strategy.

There is a great deal riding on your tires – people, vehicles, equipment and cargo all depending on the safe, reliable performance of your tires.


MULTI SEAL® tire sealants protect your fleets, helping reduce your exposure to dangerous, unsafe operations on the highways or on the job site.


MULTI SEAL® offers the highest level of puncture and leak protection available.



Proven over millions of miles with truck fleets and the world’s harshest on-road and off-road conditions, MULTI SEAL® prevents up to 95% of tire failures from punctures and underinflation.


ARMOR 3500


ARMOR 3500™ sealant from MULTI SEAL® withstands extreme conditions, sealing punctures up to 1 1/4″.


ARMOR 3500™ is formulated with aramid fibers (bullet proof vest type material), high tech suspension agents, fillers and corrosion inhibitors to keep your heavy equipment rolling, thus avoid costly downtime and equipment damage.

ARMOR 3500™ has been field tested in a variety of applications, including military, agricultural, mining, and construction environments perfectly suited for use in many industrial vehicles, such as:

  • Sanitation Trucks

  • Articulated Loaders

  • Road Graders

  • Quarry Equipment

  • Logging Equipment

  • Military Vehicles

As with our other formulations, ARMOR 3500™ allows for retreading, repairs, water washout, and lasts for the life of the tire.

Don’t put up with job-stopping flats!

HYDRO 1500

Preventive maintenance for your ballast-filled tires.


Are you looking for a solution to flats and leaks from your ballast-filled (water-filled) tires?  

Do you need corrosion protection?  

Do you require a sealant that works in cold-protected (alcohol, beet juice, calcium chloride), tubed or tubeless ballasted tires?


If so, HYDRO 1500™ Formula is the right choice.

With just a 10% by volume replacement of ballast with HYDRO 1500™ Formula, you will significantly reduce flats, slow leaks, rim leaks, tube leaks and valve stem leaks while keeping ballast weight up and cold protection in tact.  


HYDRO 1500™ is added through the valve stem (valve core removed).  Once your vehicle rolls, HYDRO 1500™ readily mixes in the ballast and is immediately ready to protect your tires from the hazards of off-road use.



HYDRO 1500™ is protecting thousands of tires from job-stopping flats and leaks in vehicles and equipment for off-road use, including:

  • Tractors

  • Loaders

  • Cranes

  • Reach Forklifts

HYDRO 1500™ is the most effective sealant for the preventative maintenance and protection of ballast-filled tires.  Superior science.  Superior sealants.


Interested in a consumer line of sealant?


MULTI SEAL® offers a full line of retail-based product for consumers called FlatOut™.  Ask one of our sales representatives for details on this exclusive line.

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