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AC Service Equipment

Taray is proud to carry the ArcticPRO line of equipment from RTI offer a full range of choices in A/C Service equipment. All of our ArcticPRO models offer superior productivity, better system performance and better functionality than competitive models. 

Automatic Fluid Exchangers

Taray supplies the RTI fluid exchanger product line which is comprised of :

  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchangers

  • Multi-Coolant Exchangers

  • Vacuum Coolant Exchangers

  • Power Steering Fluid Exchangers

  • Differential Fluid Exchangers

  • Brake Flush Systems

  • Diesel Fuel Cleaning Systems


Leak Finder & Exhaust Vent.

Taray's line of RTI shop equipment also includes the ELF-1 EVAP Leak Detector, which uses a patented safe, non-flammable, smoke-free process to detect leaks and the EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation system, a portable exhaust ventilator for use in enclosed shops.  RTI's Tech Alert system is another product which integrates with certain pieces of RTI equipement to offer a portable alert system for technicians to carry. 

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