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Taray International Corporation is a global supplier serving the tire and retread industries worldwide since 1979. 


We currently supply industry leading products to customers around the globe.  Taray International Corporation has partnered with several manufacturing facilities around the world to provide our customers with private labeled and Taray International branded machinery, tire service equipment and tools.


Taray International provides it’s customers with the highest level of service, and supplies the finest equipment and materials known to the industry.


Taray International Corporation specializes in offering turn-key retread plant design which provides our customers with everything they will need from raw materials and supplies to installation, training and service. 


From spare parts to state-of-the-art machinery, our approach is diversified and our product resources unlimited. 



Taray International Corporation offers a full line of European-made precure retreading equipment.  From inspection machines to buffers & chambers, our product offering will complete your factory design.



Taray's industry leading retreading supplies include envelopes, patches, precured tread rubber and casings just to name a few.  You can fiew the full line of supplies carried in our catalog. 



Automotive service equipment from Taray International includes our award winning line from Mahle-RTI consisting of automated systems to service AC and and exchange multiple types of fluids.  Also included in our lineup are a full offering of hand tools and service jacks, stands and undercar tools. 




Taray International Corporation supplies a full line of tire building and tire retreading bladders from Pirelli / Rhein Chemie, Firestone, Continental and Titan.  Taray also manufactures our own line of technically advanced bladders under the name Cure King.  With over 40 years of bladder design experience, our bladder engineer can help select the perfect sized units for your application.



Taray's retreading tool line spans the shop from buffing blades and grinding stones to rubber extruders and nailhole detectors.  We stock a complete line of tools & consumable products to meet your daily demand.


Taray International Corporation has been designing, supplying and servicing a full line of nitrogen generators for tire inflation for over 15 years.  Our equipment is found around the world and uses membrane technology from Air Products, an industry leader in nitrogen seperation systems.



Taray International Corporation has been offering our full line of specialty tires since 1986.  Our line includes tire for lawn & garden, golf, ATV, agriculture, trailer and OTR.  We supply industry leading products from Carlisle , Titan , Firestone and Galaxy / Alliance Tire.



The specialty product lines from Taray International include such products as liquid tire sealant, wheel-mounted hubodometers, digital axle load indicators and tire load balancers.  Taray is not limited on the products we supply.  If you have any specialty products you are searching for, we specialize in sourcing and supplying these products for you....don't hesitate to ask!

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